A timeline of the Jakarta Lab at work


In action: Participants of the Data2Life. Life2Data. project learning to capture data’s impact through photography.

Since our soft launch in 2014, it’s been at the core of the Jakarta Lab to do our part in realising the potential of open data in order to reap its benefits for social change. Fast-forward to now, here’s a look back at some of the our achievements and highlights from the past two and half years, targeting to do just that:

In 2014, we laid the groundwork for the Jakarta Lab.

We built our networks, establishing our position as open data champions in the Southeast Asia region, and campaigning to increase open data awareness.

  • Jakarta
    In our homebase of Jakarta, we worked with the Development Planning Agency to draft the legal foundation for the sustainable publication of data through the Governor’s Decree No. 181/2014. We also convened experts to co-author the Jakarta Open Data Manual, which is used as a guideline in publishing the Jakarta provincial government’s data in a standardised open format.


2015 was an even busier year for us.

We further grew our partners and network, and we also wrapped up and kick-started a number of intense projects locally and regionally.

  • Banyuwangi
    We developed and tested an approach that uses open data as a means of engaging civil society – together with local government – to contribute to bureaucracy reform.


In 2016, we ventured into ‘new territories’.

Now that we’ve figured out our role in the open data sphere (at least more or less), we’re moving into new grounds by incubating and scaling projects, promoting a better marriage between open data and innovation, and documenting more impacts of open data.

These are only some of our highlights from the past two years. If this interests you and you’d like to know more about the Jakarta Lab, what we stand for, what we do,and how we do it, visit labs.webfoundation.org, or contact us at info@labs.webfoundation.org.

Follow us on Twitter @ODLabJkt to get the latest updates from us. We’re also at the International Open Data Conference 2016 – so if you’d like to meet, let’s do so!

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